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Master Writer is Used by Master Writers. Really.

William Peter Blatty (The Exorcist). Robert Zemeckis (Forrest Gump). John Graden (Who Killed Walt Bone? :0) all use Master Writer. MW is not like Scrivener in that it's not use to write your work. It's a quick reference tool that embellishes your work. Whether it's poetry, novel, song writing or any endeavor dependent on words, Master Writer helps you find that "perfect word" or phrase.

Authors Marketing Club

I use AMC weekly. Training videos, e-book directories, e-book cover templates, plus you can get members to vote on their favorite version of your cover.

I Use Grammarly Everyday

This is no auto-check. This is like having a top level writing teacher looking over your shoulder as you write. Grammerly watches you write and points out grammer or spelling mistakes as you go. This way, when you've completed your writing, it is ready to go.

Buy Scrivener 3 for macOS (Regular Licence)

Scrivener is My Writing Tool

If you are serious about writing, you must graduate from Word or Text Edit. Scrivener is amazing. It compiles your research, drafts, images, notes, doodles, and everything else you have all over your hard drive into one super-powerful program. It will even compile and export for just about any publishing platform.

scrivener tutorials

Scrivener Tutorials

Any tool as powerful as Scrivener has a learning curve. I abhor complexity so I am always seeking the best tutorials to get me past the complexity and on with my writing.

prowriter writing software

ProWritingAid is Like Grammarly

These programs seem to similar. I'm just starting to test PWA, so I don't have much more info than you do at this point.

scrivener tutorials

If You Are Serious About Making Money on Kindle, Here is Your Software

This browser based software instantly provides you with amazing reports for any niche on Kindle. You'll learn how much money the average author is making in that niche. The average sales rank. The average number of reviews. This software creates a clear blue print for you to follow so that the time and effort to create your next book will be rewarded with cash.

How to Create 3-D Images in Two Clicks

I use Cover Action Pro to create 3-D images like this. Scroll down to see more e-Book cover templates.

e-book cover templates

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