Active Shooter Defense Training

What is the Active Shooter Response Plan?

This program was created by a veteran law enforcement officer with hundreds of hours in active shooter training.

We specialize in teaching untrained civilians how to survive an active shooter.

Everyone has instant fear in these situations. Our students learn how to overcome that fear with action.

What is Run, Hide, Fight?

You will learn how to run, hide, fight strategically.

  • We’ll show you the smart way to RUN.
  • You’ll learn how to HIDE and when to ESCAPE.
  • You’ll learn when and how to FIGHT.
  • You’ll even learn how to PLAY DEAD.

How Active Shooter Situations End

Knowing how to physically engage a shooter can make the difference 

Unarmed citizens ended a significant number (13%) of active shooter events.  Armed citizens and off duty cops ended far fewer (4%).

Shooters often choose locations where guns are prohibited.

The COBRA-DEFENSE Active Shooter program teaches specific strategies that reduce the danger when physically attacking the shooter

"Excellent instruction, very informative, hands on, answers all questions, made me feel competent. THANK YOU!"

Ashley Harbidge, ROYAL Caribbean

"I would recommend this class to all my peers, family and friends."

Roseanne Lombaro,  Verizon

"We couldn’t find a course that would be able to train our agency officers until we found COBRA. After the training our officers were very impressed with the course and what they learned."

U.S. Department Of Forestry