Active Shooter Defense

Your group will learn how to escape, evade, and engage an active shooter.

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Real Estate Agent Safety

Real Estate Agents learn how to prevent and  quickly end a violent attack.

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Student Self-Defense

Students learn the tools and skills to stay safe and give their parents peace of mind.

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Anti Bully Plan

Families learn proven protocols to build a rock solid legal case against the bully.

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Law Enforecement Based Self-Defense Training

This is NOT martial arts. The skills are straight from the police academy, so they are street tested. It does not require you to be  big, strong, fast or experienced. You just to want to learn. That’s it.

Self-Defense Training is Fun

Even though the subject dead serious, but process of learning to protect yourself is fun and exciting. It’s great for families and organisations.

Active Shooter Defense Plan

In this exciting workshop, you will learn:

* Four Tactical Ways to RUN.
* Three Methods to HIDE.
* Four Smart Ways to FIGHT.

You’ll even learn the correct way to play dead.

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Training Programs

Active Shooter Training

"It will never happen here," is NOT a plan. My active shooter workshop is effective, engaging, and exciting. Learn how to run, hide, and fight.

Anti-Bully Plan

If a small fire started in your house, would you wait to put it out? Bullying is that fire. I'll show how to stop bullying fast without violence or confrontations.

Real Estate Agent Safety

Ask people if they would meet a stranger at an empty house. Most would say, "NO!" For real estate agents, it's the job description. I will show you have stay safe.

Self-Defense Training

When you really need self-defense, who is going to be there for you? You. Learn how to avoid and defense against violence.

Young Adult Self-Defense

Being away from home is a learning experience. One lesson is that niether your smart phone or an app is going to protect you.

Child Safety and Self-Defense

From bullying to kidnapping, every child needs this training. The class includes role plays, scenario training and lots of fun.

Real Estate Agent Safety

This is not a general self-defense program. This program is specifically for real estate agents.  Spending 90-minutes or so bringing an expert in will inspire appreciation and maybe save a life.

Anti-Bullying Plan

This training puts everyone in your family on the same page regarding how to deal with bully. This follows law enforcement protocol so it is air tight and works wonders.

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Teen & College Safety and Self-Defense

Anytime you are in transition, you become an easier target. Moving off to college is a huge transition with tons of mine fields along the way. We will arm your teen with specific strategies, tactics, and skills to avoid problems and deal with them if they arise.

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