1. Designate a location to meet if you get separated. Make sure the child knows the name of the location and have them say it back to you.
  2. Keep your child in your 10 and 2. Your 10 and 2 is your range of vision. Make sure your child stays in your 10 in 2.
  3. Teach your child that if they are lost to find a woman and preferably a woman who has children with her. Women, especially moms, are by nature nurturing. Many a bad guy has used his position as a security guard as a way to gain trust. 
  4. Inform your child to NEVER to answer questions from a stranger. Just run away! Bad guys are manipulative. Don’t give them a chance to con your child.
  5. Educate your child to scream, “He is not my father or she is not my mother! Help me!”
  6. Go to an employee or service desk to have them describe your missing child over the intercom. 
  7. Dress your child in clothes with bright colors so it is easy to spot him or her.