How to Book John Graden

John Graden’s law enforcement based training programs are straight out of the police academy. You will not have to learn karate, but you do have to want to learn. If you need self-defense, nothing else will do.

Seminar Fees and Travel

Each training course is customized to your needs, so there is flexibility in the arrangements.

Typically, a Training Seminar is $500 per hour with a one-hour minimum in Tampa Bay.

Events can also be set up as ticket purchases so people can register.

John is self-represented so feel free to contact him directly for bookings:

Email: [email protected]

Text/Cell:  727-644-3384

All rates include travel to and from your US based location. Lodging is not included. A 3-star hotel is the minimum rating for overnight stays.

  • For keynotes and/or events of an hour or less, contact John for a custom quote since John includes his travel expenses in his pricing
  • John is available for booking 7 days per week
  • Ask about spreading pricing across multiple locations of a single college or organizations.
  • Discounts for same day programs for separate colleges or organizations (i.e., two nearby schools on the same day)
  • 20% discount for Houses of Worship.
  • 10% backyard discount for Florida seminars with no lodging cost! (Not to be combined with other discounts)


Programs Available


Child Self-Defense and Safety

Active Shooter Defense Plan

Real Estate Agent Safety and Self-Defense

Anti-Bully Plan

Self-Defense for Young Adults

Security Guard Training

Executive Self-Defense

Private Training

“John Graden is a proven leader and excellent communicator. I’m proud to be on his board of advisors.” Brian Tracy

BrianTracy.com, Brian Tracy International

“John Graden is an incredible guest. He combines humor, insight, and enthusiasm in a way that not only grabs listeners’ attention, but keeps them engaged as well. I recommend him for any show.” Sarah Marie,

Host, Your Body, Your Life Show

“John Graden’s insights on the phenomenon of “Imposter Syndrome” are thought provoking and made for an entertaining and informative interview for my radio show.” Tara Grace Perry

Host, The Men’s Dugout

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