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"John Graden's book, "The Impostor Syndrome" is both entertaining and enlightening." -- Joe Hymes, Author Zen and the Martial Arts

The Impostor Syndrome

the impostor syndrome

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More about How to Stop a Bully

How to Stop a Bully Without Violence or Confrontation

Bullying is just like a fire in your home. If you do not deal with it quickly, it grows and consumes your family.

Bullying is not going away so our anti-bully program shows families how to recognize, avoid, and deal with bullies at school, work, and online. In this program, you will learn a “real-world” approach to dealing with bullies.

The Dark Side of the Martial Arts

"I absolutely loved your book. The story kept me "turning the pages" non-stop. It was interesting, informative, enlightening, amazing, scary, and funny. I'm a middle-aged lady who has never taken karate, and I loved it." -- Luanne Thibault

Near-Death Experiences of Doctors and Scientists

Near-Death Experiences of Suicide Survivors