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Excerpt from Chapter 16

Challenges from Street Fighters

That wasn’t the only time Walt dealt with outside challenges from street fighters. Ken Kladnik tells this story:

 I was teaching a class at the Seminole club. This drunken guy came walking in the spectator area yelling about how great a street fighter he was and any good street fighter could beat a karate man. After a couple of minutes I started to walk over to show him out the door.

 Debbie Bone intercepted me and said, “Finish class.” Walt was heading over to deal with the guy. When class was done Walt took him put safety gear on him and commenced to thrash him. The guy left humbled but unhurt.

I asked Walt why he didn’t want me to take care of the guy. He looked at me and said, "You would have really hurt him. I just wanted to teach him a lesson.”

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Luanne Thibault

"I absolutely loved your book. The story kept me "turning the pages" non-stop. It was interesting, informative, enlightening, amazing, scary, and funny. I'm a middle-aged lady who has never taken karate, and I loved it."

Dan Maglietta

"Simply a riveting read from the start and all the way through. Not just a book for Martial Artists but anyone interested in a good story."

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