Safety and Self-Protection

“John Graden was an excellent guest on my show. His books and information are valuable. I look forward to working with him again. — Dr. Mehmet Oz, The Dr Oz Show
The Safe Student Project is John Graden’s vision to educate students about personal safety and self-protection. From cyber-bullying to sexual assault, his interactive workshops help students stay safe.

John Graden’s Student Safety and Self-Protection Workshop

When you need self-defense, nothing else will do. It’s all up to you. That’s why John Graden’s workshop is so important. This is NOT a Powerpoint presentation. It’s an exciting four-hour hands-on workshop with scenarios, role plays, demonstrations, and strategies to avoid and defend against violence.

Title IX and the Clery Act

With the implementation of the Clery Act and Title IX, schools have a greater responsibility to monitor and report sexual and criminal violence. Our program is designed to work with Title IX coordinators, staff, and students to reduce the threat of criminal violence and increase the safety of all.

What Students Learn in the Safe Student Seminar

The first line of defense that we teach is smart decision making. Temptations abound for a teenage free from parental supervision.

Here are some of the topics that will be covered.


  • Sexual Assault Prevention & Defense
  • How to Descalate a Potentially Violent Encounter

  • Learn the Truth About Self-Defense

  • Discover How an Attacker Chooses Victims
  • Learn the Secret Formula that Gives Bad Guys the Advantage

  • How to Look Like a Hard Target Rather Than a Soft Target.

  • Learn Equalizer Strikes That Can Stop Anyone
  • Gaining Control of Your Most Powerful Weapon
  • Anti-Abduction Training
  • How to Turn Everyday Items into Self-Defense Weapons
  • Threat Reduction
  • Active Shooter Survival Plan
  • Avoiding Danger On and Off Campus
  • Stalking and Hazing
  • How to Stop a Bully without Violence or Confrontation
  • Cyber Bullying and Online Safety
  • How to Quickly Determine What The Criminal Really Wants and Why This is Crucial

  • Safety While Socializing

I loved this class. It totally changed my thinking about safety and awareness. It was great to learn how to get released when a kidnapper grabs your arm and escaping when someone is choking you. Shakela Swinton

Fantastic anti-bullying class today. John was professional, extremely informative, experienced and fun. Tiff McClanathan

Workshop Structure

This is NOT a powerpoint lecture. Our Teen and College Student Workshop is a four-hour interactive program. Students will learn everything from Active Shooter Response to Rape Prevention. They will be up and be moving most of the day.

Parents are encouraged to participate with their kids and enjoy a truly eye-opening, jaw-dropping experience for everyone in the class.

Participants will be active learning skills, techniques, tactics, and strategies in exciting scenario-based training exercises.

There is no experience or athletic requirements to participate and learn. All that is needed is the desire to learn how to be safer.

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World Kickboxing Champion

John Graden and his brothers are all world kickboxing champions, which proves that everyone and his brother can earn a martial arts title. 

Author-How to Stop Any Bully

This book shows parents how to take control of bullying. It's a law enforcement based system that works everytime.

The Teacher of Teachers

John was  dubbed the martial arts Teacher of Teachers by Martial Arts World magazine. 

Author-7 Rules for Teen & College Student Safety

Due for release in late 2018, this book approaches self-defense from the inside out. It teaches how to win the battles in you and around you.

A Recognized Expert

John has been recognized with cover stories on many major publications including, the Wall Street Journal, documentaries on A&E Network, and as a guest on the Dr. Oz Show and hundreds of other programs.

TV Show Producer & Host

John was the producer and host of a long running self-defense and martial arts cable TV show in the Tampa Bay area.

    Fantastic anti-bullying class today. John was professional, extremely informative, experienced and fun.

    thumb Tiff McClanathan

    I learned so much that will stay with me for the rest of my life. Everything was life changing. Thank you John Graden for being a great instructor!

    thumb Kimmy Nvan

    5 star review  This course was awesome! I learned so many things. John was amazing and made the class fun and enjoyable. Highly recommend this course.

    thumb Shakela Swinton

What to Do Now

1. Contact us to review your needs

Call or email us for free review and consultation on what format of our program would be most effective for your group.
  • Call or email us. 33% 33%

2. Lock in Your Date

Lock in the date and location with a 50% deposit.
  • Book the Seminar 66% 66%

3. Enjoy the workshop(s)

We will also help you send media releases promoting the event and coordinate interviews etc…
  • Teach and Follow Up 100% 100%

Fees and Travel

4-hour Student & Staff Safety Workshop

$2,500 + lodging

Cooperative Campuses:

2 of 3: $2,350

3 of 5: $2,200

5 of 7: $2,050

Additional requirements: Lodging

All rates include travel to and from your US based location. Lodging is not included. A 3-star hotel is the minimum rating for overnight stays.

Ask about spreading pricing across multiple campuses of nearby schools. i.e., two nearby schools on the same day.

Custom workshops are always available.

10% backyard discount for Florida seminars with no lodging cost.


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