John Graden led the martial arts out of the stone age. When I wanted help with my school, he's the guy I called. I'm proud to be on his Board of Advisors.

Frank Shamrock

"John Graden is one of the most intelligent, talented martial arts instructors I ever had the privilege to work with." 

Keith Vitali

I have worked will all of the major leaders in the martial arts. John Graden's reputation for integrity stands above them all.

Joe Lewis

John Graden was an excellent guest on my show. His books and information are valuable. I look forward to working with him in the future.

Dr. Mehmet Oz
The Dr. Oz Show

Was a guest on at least three of John Graden's TV shows and spoke at his last NAPMA convention.

Tony Robbins

I have known John Graden since the 1990s. He led the martial arts into the modern age and I was a proud member of his board of advisors.

Brian Tracy