Expert Self-Defense Training

John Graden Keynotes and Self-Defense Workshops


Unarmed and Dangerous Keynote

Learn critical decision-making, personal self-protection, and the mental strategies of success and happiness in life.



Children Safety, Self-Defense & Anti-Abduction Skills

Parents tell us this class should be taught in public schools because it is so powerfully effective. From role plays to safety myth-busting, this class is fun and exciting for the entire family.


Self-Defense for Young Adults

The transition from home to college is one of the most dangerous moves in a young adults’ life. Learn how to avoid and defend against the dangers that arise as the parental safety net ends.

active shooter

You Are Your First Responder

It takes 7 – 15-minutes for law enforcement to arrive. In that time, you must rely on your training to make critical life and death decisions. This is an interactive workshop, NOT a PowerPoint presentation.

real estate self-defense

Crime by Appointment

Real Estate agents have a unique job. They meet strangers in empty properties. This creates a potential scenario where bad guys can literally make an appointment to attack you. This seminar is highly specific to the needs of

self-defense training

Specialized Private Training

Many executives, celebrities, athletes and other high profile people are targeted on many levels from financial fraud to kidnapping, to robbery. Many people who travel not only need training for their own safety but need to train their family to be safe he or she is traveling.

Book a FREE Power Self-Defense Class

In this exciting Power Self-Defense Class your group will learn: 

1. How to de-escalate a potentially deadly encounter.
2. Learn what bad guys want and how they think.
3. Learn the secret formula that gives bad guys the advantage and how you can take it away from them.
4. How to look like a hard target rather than a soft target.
5. How to control social media.
6. How to respond to an active shooter.
7. How to prevent the abduction of children and adults.
8. How to deal with a bully.
9. How to strike with deadly force no matter your size.
10. The common myths of self-defense.
11. Why when self-defense is a must, no other skill set will do.
12. The different types of bad guys and the one you need to be most aware of.
13. How to quickly determine what the criminal really wants and why this is crucial.
14. Experience for yourself how and why you CAN defend yourself in real time when a criminal is pointing a gun to your head.

This no-cost class will increase your self-defense IQ 100% and the concepts will be applicable immediately.


Get an overview of what we teach with a free Power Self-Defense class. Just email us or call 727-644-3384.

Meet John Graden in 50-seconds

john graden

Founder of Multi-Million Dollar Business

In a martial arts business arena focused on a traditional past, John created the first professional association and trade journal for the martial arts school business. 

Author-How to Stop a Bully

This book shows parents how to take control of bullying. It’s a law enforcement based system that has amazing success.

The Teacher of Teachers

John was  dubbed the martial arts Teacher of Teachers by Martial Arts World magazine. 

Author-"Safer, Smarter, and in Control."

Due for release in late 2019, this book approaches success from the inside out. It teaches how to win the battles in you and around you. Self-confidence starts with self-defense.

Profiled In Major Mainstream Media Outlets

John has been recognize with a cover story on the Wall Street Journal, documentaries on A&E Network, and as a guest on the Dr. Oz Show among hundreds of others.

World Champion

John Graden has been a fighter, coach, and official for many world champion USA Martial Arts teams competing in London, Italy, Germany, and the USA.

“John Graden is a proven leader and excellent communicator. I’m proud to be on his board of advisors.” Brian Tracy, Brian Tracy International

“This was an eye opening workshop. I was stunned at the life-saving options during such a horrific event.” Sarah Squire

“Why isn’t this standard in every school? Great class!” Steven Durnham